Monday, August 28, 2017

The Real Story of the Floor

So, I'd like to share with you how our floor project has gone. First of all, it's not done yet. 

Secondly, we took two weeks off in July, and Mom and Dad spent the better part of 7 or 8 of those days with us. We built a plywood and 2 by 4 subfloor....over the slanted garage floor.
Each stringer had to be shimmed by hand with multiple shims and glue, and then a rock garden to affix it all to the concrete.

We took out a door and added a new sill.

Leaving a conduit for propane and electricity for our eventual kitchen island.

Yay! We put the table and chairs back, because it felt amazing. See the rock garden?

We made a play area for a few weeks.

Now the second half of the floor...

 We had to wait a few weeks for the new flooring to arrive. But when it did, we were both back at work. So once again, Mom and Dad stepped in to save the day - they came down on a work day and brought Mike (a handy friend to have!) and this was the result: 

Then we spent 1 weekend while Paul and Orion were away - and we got another 11 or so feet done.

And then one more  back-breaking weekend and here's the result: 

June - the Quirk-Warings return, and Granny turns 90

We also had grand happenings in JUNE 2017: 

 Tim, Katie, Liam and Reid returned from Costa Rica and met their only cousin for the first time. It was amazing to watch how quickly Orion glommed onto these guys, and how much he enjoyed spending time with them. And it was pretty awesome to see Tim's face too - when he met the newest blood relation. :) 

Then also a few photos from Granny's 90th birthday celebration, with Waring-side relatives in many generational variations. Seeing so many of the clan for a wonderful weekend was wicked. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ah, a Vermont Summer!

You must excuse us...
You see, we've been trying to learn how to make improvements on a house. 
We've been trying to learn how to parent a precocious monkey child. 
We've been learning how to navigate full time jobs (2) and full-throttle mid-life. 
Between these things, a child grows and shows his personality. And a gorgeous hardwood floor creeps across our house - almost to the stairs! 

This last month or so, in a nutshell: 
Visitors - like Kate and Kyle, Eleys, Ben and Rhi. 

Regular work crew - the Waring elders, and guest starring Reeve Basom
Paul and Orion take a Total Eclipse trip to Colorado. 

Summer green, sun, and time outdoors. 
Tired people, happy kid. What more can you ask for?