Saturday, July 15, 2017

And a Walkin Man Walks

Hi Friends,
Sorry it's been so long since the last blog post.  Here are some excuses.  I had a big fundraiser, Sarah had to fight off malicious aliens from planet Quixnon, and Orion started walking, so he was too busy to post.  Of all these excuses, Orion's is easily the worst.  But, he walks!  Check out the evolution!

Hold on to your butts, this is gonna be a long post.  With like hours of video practically. Worth it though.

This first video I took while at the Northfield Teen Center.  Neither the one teen present nor my coworker, Rob, were particularly impressed.  But this video is literally the second step he ever took on his own, the first only being seen by me and, I guess, Santa.  And from there, he was off to the races! This was on May 26.  Has it really been that long since posting? Great criminies.

Little man kept getting better and we inexplicably took no videos for like two weeks.  We're the worst parents ever.  But this here is from June 4th. 

And then we have a couple videos from Toph's Birthday.

He's still walks like a drunken zombie, but he is clearly getting stronger, in this video from June 14

He's so happy that he can walk!

New development here, on June 25.  He can stand up unassisted! The world is now Orion's oyster, and our cat has never been more scared.

Now take a good look for this video - one, Orion's cruising around wherever he wants, though the drunken zombie is still strongly evident.  Also, this is just about the last video we have of our concrete floor.  This video, from June 27, marks the start of two weeks that Sarah and I took off from work in order to work on our house. 

A little less than a week later, on July 3, we have here a fine example of Orion picking things up and walking with them.  This is a natural continuance of one of his favorite hobbies - picking things up and throwing them.  Now he can make an even bigger, more spread out mess.  In this video we also have a fine example of Paul in his undies. 

During these two weeks off from work, with huge amounts of help from Topher and Marie, we have transformed our cold, sloping, concrete floor into a warm, flat plywood floor!  It's like living a new house.  And Orion loves it! It's the biggest uninterrupted stretch of floor in the house and he just goes.  He's pretty much a professional walker now.  This is from July 7 - the plywood now stretches the whole main room with the hardwood floor being delivered any day now. Thanks Marie and Topher!

Notice how smooth he is now! We only see beloved flashes of the drunken zombie when he's tired now. He's pretty excited about the new floor.  So are we! and I'm mostly excited about being in my underwear again...

And since babies learn so much so fast, of course Orion hasn't just been learning to walk.  He's got even more tricks up his sleeve...

And a cute Orion photo, at the Worcester Farmers Market in a hay wagon