Monday, May 1, 2017

A Little Slice of Spring

Things We've been up to this Spring so far!

Orion is a true pioneer baby! 
He helped stack wood!

 Orion's first canoe ride where he didn't sleep through the whole thing!
 And we (Sarah) got Orion to wear his pioneer hat.  Cool!

And we built a wall!  This room will become our pantry (left side opening) and utility room (right side opening).  The wall was built with less partisan bickering than Trump's proposed disaster, but only just.  We found that political in-fighting decreased when the youngest member of the caucus was napping.  The remaining three members were at maximum productivity during this time, though the cat, as his is nature, largely abstained. This experience led to some important lessons learned - particularly that during project-time, our small government will need to grow and become a nanny state, or at least a babysitter state. Haha.

Crazy thanks to Topher, who essentially created for us a "Build-by-Numbers" wall kit.  All we had to do was make some cuts and hammer some things, et voila, a big beautiful wall.  

To continue this hilarious line of joking, here's Orion providing an important function of government - that of checks and balances.  He first checks the chair for its suitability as food and decides to instead balance on a different chair.  Ok, that's about enough of this line.

Quick note, while creating this blog post, Orion was playing with two big jars of homemade cider vinegar.  Unfortunately, he didn't break any glass ceilings.  Also unfortunately he did break a glass jar containing one gallon of vinegar.  Way to drain the swamp, kiddo.  On an unrelated note, our kitchen floor has never been cleaner.  After this experience we have decided to stop taking parenting advice from Saturday Night Live.

 Also, Auntie Laura came to visit!  Of this visit I have little evidence save for this cameo appearance.  I assume she has several terrabytes worth of evidence.  She's a great aunt!

And we visited Lake Champlain for the first time.

And we fell asleep.

Love to you all!

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  1. I love this post and all the great pictures and videos! Thanks for keeping us up to date!