Thursday, May 18, 2017

Oh Spring is Just the Best!

It's been a beautiful spring here so far - a tad slow in warming up, but everything is just bursting with color, scent, life!  But first, some family photos.


Now Fast Forward a Week....

As I sat down to make this wee post, we had our first big storm of the year.  Wind, sheets of rain, and a beautiful golden sunset.  This pretty planet.  

This morning, Little O and I (Paul) took a sunrise walk to the dam, singing with the birds and each other, and I told him about the first time we saw a sunrise together.  He was about two hours old and I held on to this perfect little nugget and we watched his first dawn.  Each time we see a sun rise, I'll probably grow nostalgic and misty-eyed and tell him again how beautiful that sunrise was and still is.  He'll grow tired of hearing it, I'm sure, especially because I'll include some nugget of wisdom that hadn't been there before. Parent Prerogative.  Later today I played some Ultimate Frisbee and took my first swim afterwards.  We spent a short and lovely evening eating pizza, feeding the Bix much healthier pureed foods, and to have this thunderstorm cool us down after a nearly 90 degree day, and a lovely sunset, has brought this wonderful spring day full circle.  

Also this morning, he pooped on the rug and it was hilarious.

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