Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring and MUD Season

  1. Our electric VOLT (formerly Uncle Nat's) got its undercarriage hit hard enough that the radiator coolant keeping the batteries cool was busted and needed fixing. 
  2. The Prius (mostly driven by Paul these days, but sometimes by Sarah SEE Number 1 above) now can hardly keep its plastic parts together over the deep ruts on Horn of the Moon Rd. 
  3. our first load of new firewood has come, and the delivery guys (friends of ours) got deeply stuck in the lawn and created our very own tilled mud pit. 

  1. Orion crawls. It's amazing and unreal. 
  2. Paul cleaned out last year's bees and installed new bees and gave them the leftover honey.
  3. The Eleys visited. Laura visited. It's getting to be summer!