Sunday, March 19, 2017

Life in the Fast Lane...

So, some news about Orion...

First, he's eating solid foods. But when we say 'solid' what we mean is either pureed, pre-chewed, soft or otherwise malleable. His saliva has incredible disintegrative properties so even the ends of whole wheat loafs can transform into piles of warm wet mush. 
It's amazing. 
His ability also to reach across the food, get it on the back of his arm, then transfer it to his high chair, and from there to the other side of the chair, to the onsie, to his hair, to his just doesn't stop. 

Here's a short video of Paul about to put him in the bath after eating some pumpkin carrot puree. 

Second, he's very excited to be walking. NOT crawling, but walking. What this means is that we spend a lot of time holding his little chubby hands and helping him to take steps. the MOST exciting thing in the entire house is the Cat. He will go to great lengths, and make great noises, just to be able to explain how excited he is about the Cat. 

But this level of activity means that all our other normal activities are now harder. He's VERY mobile and within days will probably be crawling for real...

But ultimately, this little guy has just shown us, time and time again, how amazing it is to be alive. Granted, he's not sleeping much in the nighttime, so he's kind of killing us slowly, but boy, ,when he's awake, he's a TOTAL joy to be with. We are SO lucky. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Ph-lock of Ph-otos

No narration this time. Just letting the pics speak for themselves!