Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Holiday Wishes!

What will 2017 bring?

Dear friends, family and those near and far that we love; 

We were so grateful in 2016 to meet our son that many other things that happened were overshadowed for us. We are constantly finding joy and delight in being around this happy little person, and sharing him with all of you. It was such an amazing trip - pregnancy and birth and newborn life - that we sometimes forget that it was just a short time ago that we were two. 
(plus Cat, of course!) Here's a snapshot of our year....I'm doing approximately one photo per month. But when I say 'approximately' its the same as when I say it's almost noon, and the clock reads 11.40am....Just sayin'

December 2015, we tell our families the exciting news!! 

March was a whole bunch of house projects and we got a chainsaw.

April!! The Sweet Sarah, who also ended her life in 2016...but here's our ice breaking adventure! 

Tim and the Nephers visit before going to Costa Rica; here's our comparative belly shot! 

Our parents have dinner together...just  a few weeks before Orion is born.

AUGUST: Here he is! 

Happy Poppa!

The Cat gets used to him...

September: He meets friends, relations, and his future prom date, Franny. 

He goes to Barvel with both Eley and Waring grandparents and relations...

my favorite photo - and favorite time of day - the morning with the Little Friend. 

October: we get four day weekends as a family, and get outdoor house projects some tree cutting and tree planting. here's our Nature Baby photo.

First Halloween! 

Winter arrives - and we keep figuring out how to carry him as he grows.

Here he is, January of 2016.

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