Monday, November 7, 2016

Winter is coming!

We've had our first few frosts. The leaves are down. 
The garden has been put away....and snow is in the air! 

We're excited for Orion to see his first winter, and we're feeling like all signs point to it being a good one. We're lucky to have inherited a bunch of warm fuzzy items to put him in, and now that we're back to starting a fire in the house almost everyday, he's also been mesmerized by the crackling hearth. While we oogle photos of Tim, Katie, Liam and Reid slack lining over crystal clear pools, jetting about on family motorcycles, swinging in vibrant woven hammocks, or climbing to distant waterfalls in the mountains (, we content ourselves here with planting some fruit trees, and clearing land for further sunlight to reach the soils. 

We got three plum trees and an apple.  This is the apple.

This lovely white oak is for Orion.  I've taken to calling it Oakrion.  We're still debating where to plant it...

This is where we put a lilac that Reeve got for us.  It looks dead, but we're pretty sure it isn't.

And of course, we had his first Halloween! 

Just worth  a mention - Sal's costume was covered in red duct tape, and lights that blinked. Rosie (and Franny, who you cna't see) were Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Where's Waldo?

The new routine - 3 days at daycare and four days with parents - hasn't worked particularly well in October. I've had a series of conferences in a row (Farm to Plate, Farm to School, Financing the Working Landscape, New England Community of Practice of Food Processors, Farm-Based Education Network) as well as a series of visitors (funders, colleges, etc) which made it impossible to take each Monday and Friday fully at home with the Boy-O. We're so grateful for Mom's flexibility, and that Paul can take him to work, or I can, when the need arises. And I went to see Granny!!

Ah yes, he has begun to use his mouth a lot more....

This past weekend, we "got away". I had the chance to speak at a conference in Mass, and do some great networking, and they paid for a lovely hotel room, where Paul and Little O got to hang out. The tiny man has gotten diarrhea, which we're watching carefully, but otherwise, it was a getaway weekend.

We stayed in the Inn where Thoreau stayed whilst attending HAH-vard!

Here's Orion, showing me how to do it!

The audience! I didn't fall over backward this time, but the slides did stop working and threw me off at hte end.

Orion, listening closely to Mom's speech.

(Paul jumping in here sneakily - Sarah was the keynote speaker to this packed house, something she has been very modest about.  I blame this on either her frustrating absence of arrogant pride or her fear of keys, notes, and compound words.  Some reviews I heard were "I usually can't stand keynote speeches, but I wish she had just kept talking." - a major funder; "The speech was perfect!" - the even organizer;  "Sarah Waring should run for governor" - literally everyone; "My, that husband of hers sure is some nice eye candy." - anonymous, but probably everyone too)

And we saw Andy Pegg and Janine - two of Paul's friends from when he worked down in Groton MA all those years ago - as well as Cousin Katherine! Groton was the site of one of our first dates and Janine pretty much correctly predicted the future when she saw us together.
We wandered thru the woods with Andy and Janine.

And had lots of fried seafood and potatoes for lunch.

A cold day at Groton.

This was a crazy Harry Potter hallway, on the 5th floor of an old brick mill building in Lowell, MA.

Tiny little shops, like this one selling antique books.

Yay! It's been so long since I've seen this beautiful human being! And she got to meet Paul and Little O for the first time.

They bonded, of course.

She's such a wonderful mom, and a wonderful family member.

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  1. So, so lovely to see wonderful Kak, and the ever-evolving O, and your yard turning toward winter, and that crowd of folks who came to listen to Sar's great talk and to ogle her looker of a husband. Keep up the good work! We love you folks. -KQ