Thursday, September 15, 2016


A Bumper Crop of Baby Photos

It may be because we are first time parents, or because we have 'smart' phones, or because we think Orion could star in his own baby shampoo commercials, if only we could get him to California for auditions...

But here are a few of our large harvest of photos! 
Orion and tomatoes
The Chub-ster
a second trip to Barvel

with Vt grands

enjoying the greenery

Orion was the beneficiary of a plethora of gifts and celebratory items from his friends at the party. Here are just a few! Note the hand-made mural/poster from Ms. Thea, AND the dino card below, with various textures that she glued on for him to feel. Awesome kid!

Books from Daloz-Walsh, Foulkes-Stauffer families!

From John, Andi and Jesse, and Ellen Doyle! He will be well read, we think!

with Frances, telling tales.

with Mom and Jeffery Ann from California!

Now, you should understand that Orion is not ALWAYS the perfect child he seems to be on this blog. We've been having about two weeks of pretty bad crying jags, after and even during nursing, screaming so hard his little body arches and his face gets red and it takes some minutes to calm him down again. We just haven't taken photos of it.

with our friend Emily

with booties from Katharine!

headed to our anniversary dinner in Burlington

And Orion slept the whole time!
 Here he is trying to turn over!

And ...he's out!

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