Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cousin Comparison

Folks have told us that he looks like us. 
Certainly he has Paul's cinnamon hair, 
with curls. 

But we've been perusing old cousin photos from Tim and Katie's blog.
Granted there aren't quite enough to make good comparisons...

But here are a few we like. The 'Monkers' position for burping. 

And there is the "Princess" position as well. Orion takes his to the extreme; he pulls his own hair and ears while nursing.

And then there are the clothes that are shared. I believe Brian Quirk is responsible for this particular outfit? It has faded thru the years...

And then there are the facial expressions. Head back cute-ness.

"I am amazed at my parents crazy ideas" expression

"And I am skeptical of these costumes they put me in" expression

this is Obi-on Kenobi

This is baby bombero Reid.
This is the "my cheeks are amazing" expression!

And this is the "How much do I love sleeping on a warm adult body!?" expression. Note how the lower lip folds into the mouth when the baby is totally relaxed. And the hands, again!

And finally, this is the "We love tubbies and showers"!

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