Saturday, September 24, 2016

Massive collection of photos and videos from Paul's phone

Sarah has figured out how to have her phone automatically upload photos and videos to the internet.  All I've figured out how to do on my phone is delete important system files so I can't use any Google Apps anymore.  This, and working closely with teens, makes me feel evermore like a grandpa.  Because I have to use the relatively Stone Age laptop with even more antecedent technology (cord), it is more of process to get media off my phone.  So here it is, a Saturday morning bonanza of baby photos and videos.  I think there is a total of one photo in here that does not include a very small human.  That is because we don't have much else going on at the current moment, clearly.  Many of the videos are silly and feature my silky tenor singing voice, which resembles, as my mother once put it, quite complimentary one assumes, Bob Dylan.  I assume that the same aforementioned mother will be the only one who appreciates the videos, mainly because she is already hard of hearing. So apologies for that.  Just put the thing on mute and enjoy a hugely adorable baby.  Cheers!


The following gif is from our one year anniversary. Sarah is my perfect partner.  She has made all three boys in this house so immeasurably happy (small crying jags aside, from all three).  I love her, we all love her.  She is very much the glue in this papier mache family.  And the newspaper. I'm one of the comic strips all crumpled up, Orion is the front page, above the fold and the cat is probably using the newspaper for other reasons...


In other news, we built a shed last week!  Here's the view from Orion's bouncy chair.

There were some loud noises that occurred.

 And my new favorite picture of all time...

And my other new favorite picture of all time.  I'm thinking of starting a second blog, just pictures of Orion with stuff on his head in the carseat.  Should be popular.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cousin Comparison

Folks have told us that he looks like us. 
Certainly he has Paul's cinnamon hair, 
with curls. 

But we've been perusing old cousin photos from Tim and Katie's blog.
Granted there aren't quite enough to make good comparisons...

But here are a few we like. The 'Monkers' position for burping. 

And there is the "Princess" position as well. Orion takes his to the extreme; he pulls his own hair and ears while nursing.

And then there are the clothes that are shared. I believe Brian Quirk is responsible for this particular outfit? It has faded thru the years...

And then there are the facial expressions. Head back cute-ness.

"I am amazed at my parents crazy ideas" expression

"And I am skeptical of these costumes they put me in" expression

this is Obi-on Kenobi

This is baby bombero Reid.
This is the "my cheeks are amazing" expression!

And this is the "How much do I love sleeping on a warm adult body!?" expression. Note how the lower lip folds into the mouth when the baby is totally relaxed. And the hands, again!

And finally, this is the "We love tubbies and showers"!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


A Bumper Crop of Baby Photos

It may be because we are first time parents, or because we have 'smart' phones, or because we think Orion could star in his own baby shampoo commercials, if only we could get him to California for auditions...

But here are a few of our large harvest of photos! 
Orion and tomatoes
The Chub-ster
a second trip to Barvel

with Vt grands

enjoying the greenery

Orion was the beneficiary of a plethora of gifts and celebratory items from his friends at the party. Here are just a few! Note the hand-made mural/poster from Ms. Thea, AND the dino card below, with various textures that she glued on for him to feel. Awesome kid!

Books from Daloz-Walsh, Foulkes-Stauffer families!

From John, Andi and Jesse, and Ellen Doyle! He will be well read, we think!

with Frances, telling tales.

with Mom and Jeffery Ann from California!

Now, you should understand that Orion is not ALWAYS the perfect child he seems to be on this blog. We've been having about two weeks of pretty bad crying jags, after and even during nursing, screaming so hard his little body arches and his face gets red and it takes some minutes to calm him down again. We just haven't taken photos of it.

with our friend Emily

with booties from Katharine!

headed to our anniversary dinner in Burlington

And Orion slept the whole time!
 Here he is trying to turn over!

And ...he's out!