Monday, August 29, 2016

Family and Parties!

Today is August 29, so Orion Christopher Eley has been breathing air for the past three plus weeks. Pretty cool. He's been bulking up too - from 7lbs 11oz when he was born to 
(we think - based on our somewhat accurate bathroom scale) 10lbs today! 

Of course, we also had to weigh the cat. It looks like Carbon still is the 'bigger brother' at about 15lbs... 

But in general it feels like Orion's about the right size. Here are some photos of him meeting various other small people. First, Heny Bayrd Keeney - a 3 month old! Son of Daniel and Adrian. 

And Frances Shea Doyle, born Aug 2. Daughter of Ben and Angela! Youngest sister of Salvi and Rosemary. 

And Rowan Emory Huck, son of David and Celeste. 

And then his older fourth? third? cousins - Ela and Noah, children of Courtney Rose and Matt Thompson! 

So you can see, he's already in excellent company! 
Then we thought we'd add a few videos for your enjoyment. 

Here he meets Hazel and Maeve: 

And here, he and his poppa spend a quiet moment together, as the sun sets...

We also had an amazing fete with friends and relatives from across VT! 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Susie and Todd for making that happen. The rain held off, the foods were amazing, and Orion accumulated new and used books, clothes, toys and wonderful gifts. Particularly AWESOME was a banner from Thea that she painted herself featuring zoo animals and a rainbow name. 

And finally, a few quiet shots of the little guy resting with his parents!

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