Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Last Post before the Babe?!

It's August!  

So, we anticipate the arrival of our 3rd family member this week. Partly, that's because my body has been showing signs of getting ready for it, and partly that's because we're headed into the countdown to week 42, and we've scheduled an induction for later this week. :) So, either way, we'll have news soon. 

But in the meantime, for those die-hard family members living far afield, and for any friends who might be browsing, here's what's probably our last post (or close to it!) before the baby comes. 

This amazing toy was gifted to us by Laura. How AWESOME.

a lovely walk to the reservoir

our house, while I'm working from home. 

the super ready pregnancy belly

Here's how we spent Sarah's Birthday. All birth stories are specific and interesting - ours includes a trial induction...we were in the hospital for about 24 hours but weren't really ready to be induced (my body, that is!) so they let us go home. But this was the lovely Thai food dinner and carrot cake that Mom and Dad brought for my birthday. 

okay, HERE's the cake. Amazing and delicious. 

Sunsets are gorgeous! This one is from Ben and Sarah's porch in Montpelier. 

Cindy suggested that when we got out of the hospital we go see a movie. here's Sarah, catching her reflection in the mirrors on the wall at the theater. 

Amazing clouds at our house! 

Paul has started his leave, so we're at home, doing projects! 

One of Sarah's projects is making basil-infused vinegars! 

This amazing one is from our spicy thai basil. 

Paul is working on our stone walkways.

He's added a kindling pallet and housing for the winter. 

He's cut a few more trees...
And is adding to our firewood pile. 

And here's our place, from the hammock. We try to make sure we take some 'toes-up' time in the hammock on a regular basis. You can see the garden, the kindling pile, and even the beehive - WAY in the back behind the clothesline. 

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