Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's July....

That means: 

  • Paul's Birthday! (July 2)
  • Eley Family visits (July 3 and July 9)
  • America's Birthday (July 4)
  • Tim and Katie and Liam and Reid are in Quatemala, soon to be headed to Costa Rica (
  • Nugget's Birthday (estimates range, but July 26 is what the medical professionals say)
  • Sarah's Birthday (July 28)
(it also means birthdays of many of our friends and family - Katie Q, Susie, Kate Daloz, Rhiana, Joseph, Rebecca, Thomas Jefferson, Genghis Khan and Buddha- but we can't talk about everyone here, so you'll just have to settle for news of us.) 

First, here's Paul with his new Russian bees. This year will our first trial, and we'll probably be collecting honey in another year or so.

 Carbon-Deeks is surprisingly content, even as we mess up his house, and generally make a ruckus. Here's a lovely shot of him.

 So, to be fair, these are from the last weekend in June, but we continued the digging around the front of the house, to find the septic line...

 And Paul found it!! This was an amazing moment, as it meant we could finally start work INSIDE the house! The beginnings of the downstairs kitchen are upon us!

 So, with Kyle's concrete saw, and a lot of water, Dad and Paul cut into the concrete to expose the line on the INSIDE.

 And they dug WAY down.


They also cut a trench, and cut into the line to install a t-junction, ready for our new kitchen and sink placement. SO EXCITING!! 

Here's a good shot, with the saw in the background.

Our amateur plumber. It was also his birthday! 

                                                             Here are Paul's bday presents - a bowsaw for the woods, and a tape measure for the house! So, my dad always told me - "Measure twice and cut once." It's a good adage, and I'm guessing that's the reason for this set of presents. ALSO - I think he's excited to have someone he can buy tools for! 

FINAL INSTALLED! And cleaned up. It's so exciting to think about the future sink being here. Oh, and we also happened to score a lovely free sink - cast iron and enamel - from just up the road too.

Here's the team at the end of the day, enjoying take-out Thai food. Now, what we didn't capture pictures of, since it was less exciting, was the trip Mom and I took to Walmart, Price Chopper, Joann's Fabrics and Casella's. But in addition to our weekly chores, we also bought a few baby items - such as cute small towels with animal features on them, and baby shampoo and so on. It felt good, even though our baby pile grows a bit. We're really TRYING to keep it small, and re-used or recycled, and we've been gifted clothes, carriers, strollers, seats, books, toys, diapers and more. We're in GREAT shape now!

 In baby development news, we thought we might just point out that an average uterus goes from pear size and shape-ish, to watermelon. Since we had those fruits readily available this weekend....

 Here's our garden - tomatoes, basil, brussels, kale, peas, beans - we hope to get some good harvests this summer! So - this July 4th weekend was a big one, because the Eleys also came to visit - AND we got to see our good friends Liz and Kate. We didn't take photos of the Montpelier July 3rd parade, or the fireworks, but here's a shot of a pancake breakfast with our lovely guests!


Paul and Craig, Bee Inspectors! 

Our first set of baby laundry. The Monkey Butt one-sie is thanks to Kate, Christopher, Charles and brand-new baby Calder!!

Cindy, doing some zen dirt time, helping with the plethora of weeds in our pea and bean patch! After unsuccessfully trying to get Mom and Dad and Cindy and Craig out to a dinner together on July 4th, we decided to cook at home at the last minute. It was great to spend a few hours with all the parents - who are now grandparents!! First time since the wedding...

And courtesy of the Eleys, we now have four lovely bright colored camping chairs for sitting around the fire after dinners in the summer! Thanks to everyone for a wonderful weekend and great work and good times. As of yesterday, we're precisely at the three week mark from our due date. Crazy stuff.

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