Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Few Weekends Mixed Together or Paul Just Figured Out How to Download Pictures to the Blog from His Phone

So here's a buncha photos from my phone, some maybe decent, others probably less so, but my phone was all full of these things, so here you go! I make no apologies for blurriness, composition or general quality of any image.  If I apologized now, I'd have to apologize for the rest of time, and I think it'd just be quicker if y'all accepted that I now have a camera in my pocket most of the time and a blog with a few loyal readers as an outlet for all the shaky photos to come.  Power does corrupt, it would seem.  Enjoy!

Vermont's pretty, ain't it?

These first two were taken just up the road from our house.

Sunset in yard

The 75th Annual SpringFest was held in Hardwick(where Sarah works) last weekend, the parade being one of the highlights.  I include this photo because I couldn't include the 15 minutes of video which featured several 500 yd. gaps in the parade, a Bread and Puppet skit that seemed like it should make sense but didn't (that's kinda their specialty I think), and then this - the end of the parade, where all of the firetrucks and other equipment and all of the firefighters from the surrounding eight downs came down Main St.  The kids loved it! Seemed deeply irresponsible to me, but hey.

Kaloo Kalay! Tim and the boys came for a quick visit before they move to Costa Rica for a year.  We had a good work day with Topher and Marie and the Mainers and a wonderful dinner, joined by the Walsh-Daloz Crew.  We'll try and visit Costa Rica, but what with Zika and Paul's failed coup in 1992, it might not be the most hospitable for us.

I love all six of these people.

And all four of these people!

This is the first photo shoot of all three cousins! Except for maybe at last Christmas....and the preceding photo.

Next time we see them, the Nugget will be walking, and maybe even running...a Fortune 500. Aw snap.

Three generations! Marie feeling the wee bairn wrigglin'. If you want, check out the video below, it'll be like putting your hand on Sarah's belly.  You can actually see the Nugget moving! I also assume that only my mom will watch this video, and that's ok. If you look at the mole about 6 seconds in, as Sarah exhales, the mole jumps.  The rest is pretty much 2 minutes of sound of me doing dishes and the Nugget occasionally kicking.  I'll get some video editing software at some point maybe.


This is just better left unsaid.

The garden is coming along. Wait til you see the next garden photo!

I tend to treat my car like a farm truck.  The mechanic is glad I do, but the bank isn't.  5 hardwood palettes (for free! Score!) and a lawnmower up top.  Inside, 125 feet of chicken wire, 6 months worth of cat food, a lot of cardboard for a project and all the team softball gear.  Hurray for Brutus Maximus!

Lady slippers - we have two stands, with 3 blossoms each.  This one is white-ish

This one is pinkish, as you may be able to tell.  Lady slippers are so neat!

Nat, Sunny, Topher, and Marie came up/down respectively for Topher's birthday and a day of cutting through our concrete slab to find the septic to finally make some progress on our downstairs.  Basically none of that happened for so many reasons, but lots of other work got done.  Sarah and Marie built the stand for the rainbarrel, fenced in the garden, weedwhacked, planted some of the garden, and I'm sure other stuff.

Nat, who has a hurt hand, put together our new lawn mower (short job), planted some garden (longer job), built trellis' for the beans and peas (even longer job), and balled up 50 feet of twine (longest job! Mainly due to his cheerleading/philosophical discoursing Topher while Topher dug for the septic tank.)

Sunny spent a good chunk of the day cleaning out and improving our drainage ditch.  Every time she's here this ditch gets better and better.  She's way better at this than the guy with the big excavator.  She even used a level! And just in time too, because it's raining 2-3 inches today.

Topher wanted to spend his b-day cutting through concrete.  Well, bad news, we didn't know where to cut. So, as a pale substitution, we spent the day digging this ditch to try and fit the septic pipe leading out from the house.  Also unsuccessful.  But as Edison said "I haven't failed, I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work."  We found 88 sq. feet of soil that didn't contain the septic!
We needed to insulate the slab anyway, so we did! It only took us 16 work-hours to put in two pieces of pink board.  Success!
My dad always said, every time a report card came, "Well, the world needs ditch diggers too."
Now imagine a photo, with all six of the lovely folks from today, freshly cleaned and cooled by our stream, sitting at a picnic table in our yard.  The sun slants in from where Paul and Topher felled a few trees, over the woodpile created by Nat, Sunny, Topher, and Marie, and lands on the newly made garden, where Liam, Reed, and Tim helped dig post holes and prune limbs for posts, Sarah and Paul dug and built beds, Marie, Sarah, and Nat planted tomatoes given us by Rosemary Diehl and Daniel Keeney.  The sun stretches across our other drainage ditch, which Sunny has been greedily eyeing, over to the blueberries, a housewarming present from Reeve and Schmidt and Nicko.  We six happily chomp away at our salads and fried brussel sprouts, grinning in the sun over the story of the blue jay motorcycle gang that terrorizes Toph and Marie's birdfeeder and relaxing the muscles that have poured their energy into a steadily improving homestead.  Everything here has been touched in someway by folks who love us and Sarah and I couldn't be luckier or more fortunate.