Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Weekend Errata

My what a beautiful weekend it has been.  We started Friday night with our friend Zach visiting us and getting here just in time for a raft ride.  Ben and Ellen, whom you may remember from the wedding and many other places in our lives, have a raft.  It is powered by a few car batteries.  We get on it and go upstream until the batteries start to die.  Then we float back down. It's that simple, and you will never have a better time.  

It can be a pretty silly time.

Sometimes serious and talky.

But mostly silly.

On Saturday, we built a new garden!  We got a yard of compost and some shovels and set to.  Et voila! A new space to grow some veggies.

Our first plants - Kale!

Our first harvest:
Might even be a bumper crop this year!

 Sarah worked her little buns off this weekend  - she weed whacked until her pants actually fell down, and mowed until the mower stopped working.

Oooh so close.

She also made a bee/herb garden right outside our door.

She also made a bed for the Nugget, taking apart her "New-ton" with Marie, and using some of the wood for this project.  Dinosaur Jim is going to sleep comfortable next to our bed within easy reach for nighttime feedings and throwings uppings.

Neat, right?
This is DJ's first toy - a sardine from Portugal, thanks to jet-setting friends Sarah and Ben.  We like any and all of the symbolism that can be derived from this toy.
While Sarah worked the day away doing yard work, making an herb/bee garden, and designing and building a bed for our offspring, I made fire big.

It was all hemlock, burning hot and fast.  Tough work.
Oh and I also took a couple pictures of this mutant dandelion.  Two heads grew together - super cool!

Happy spring everyone!

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  1. Lovely, know how to work, you know how to play, a you know what to treasure. Hmmmm