Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Projects!

Or how the house and grounds get messier before they get finished! 

SO, life around Bag End is getting a little complicated. We only want to get a few simple things done before the Nugget makes an appearance in a real-time, real-space independent kind of way. Right now, it's existing quite happily in utero. In fact, we've received the great news that there's no gestational diabetes or anemia that we need to be worried about right now. Lots of movement, particularly in the AM and PM, and Paul can now actually sometimes SEE my belly twitch as the little one decides to flip over, or extend a leg, or kick out. Pretty cool. 

 Of course, while this might be the first belly photo on the blog, we can tell you for sure it probably won't be the last. 

Here are the things I'd LOVE to get done: 
  1. a new floor in the downstairs
    1. this requires first cutting into the old floor (which is a concrete slab) because we want to eventually move the kitchen downstairs. So we need to find the septic drain and open up a path to it, so that we can get plumbers in to hook up a new/eventual drainage for the new/eventual kitchen. This means we need the plans for the house, to best locate the pipe under the slab. Whew. Expecting a weekend or two full of concrete dust and noise. 
    2. this also requires a final decision/plan for radiant tubing in the floor. We've literally received every opinion on this we think we could possibly get - with perhaps the one exception of an ACTUAL radiant floor company. :) So we'll probably do that before we invest in the tubing and the time. 
    3. pulling off all the trim and moving all the furniture out to start installing the floor. Hopefully we find a warm and sunny weekend for this.  
 1. a new garden in and planted.

Here's our start to that: a new bed turned over with a yard of compost ready to spread.
And plants growing:

And here's the OLD garden bed, with the new sets of berries: Rasp- and Straw-

 Finally, a small collection of photos Paul took with his new phone, which he has quickly become inseperable (and insufferable) from/with.  Some nice signs of spring, from a month ago...
Colt's foot, the first flower of spring, and a pile of 125 year old hemlock rounds



Daffodil with the most delicate flower of them all.

The last pregnant belly of this post.


  1. nice belly! SO much growing. I love this construction: "photos Paul took with his new phone, which he has quickly become inseperable (and insufferable) from/with"...

  2. I love all of you! TimW, thee too!!!! Love the belly photos too. Love that spring is here. :)

  3. You two are in fact getting TONS done! Bravo and Brava!