Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!! 

Here's a few highlights from our holidays

Firstly, we are thrilled about 2016, as we hope you are. Last year we moved into our house, we were married with friends and family all around, and we generally had a wonderful 365 days. 

The coming year, we hope to see many of our loved ones, hopefully welcome a new person to our little family and house, and enjoy good health ourselves and for our friends and family. :) 
Oh, and not elect any bigoted morons for President too. 

In the meantime though, here's a fun set of photos/vids from the past week, when we had a real vacation: 

Here are our nephews teaching us the ropes of "Settlers of Catan: Junior"

 Here is our traditional Xmas Eve dinner, with John and Rosemary! Huzzah! 

A favorite present - the stacking cups. 

And a new set of wrenches. 

Here are the sibloids and their kids at Boxing Day. 

Katie reads to Hannah, Maeve, Liam and Reid. 

Chopping wood.


 Xmas Amaryllis from Granny - blooms during the week! 

And finally, a brief video of Paul and me sharing with the Eley family, about the Nugget. We posted our blog post after this adorable moment!! 


  1. My favorite kind of blog post - mostly pictures. Can't get the video to play but would love to see it...could you email it?

  2. We can't either. So good having your blog...helps us keep up with you all.

  3. Happy New Year to you two, and to Keeks, and Dinosaur Jim!