Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Nugget Embiggens!

A week ago, we met with a geneticist at the UVM Hospital Complex.  It's also where the main campus of UVM is, so it was interesting to walk amongst college kids to our second ultrasound.  Kind of a great lesson for the college kids in many ways.  Here's someone waddling in, 8 months pregnant. Always use condoms, kids.  Here's someone with a broken hand - let's keep those table tennis matches civil, lads.  Oh look, someone with a nail in their head - wear helmets during your sorority nail gun fights, ladies, duh.

So we had an ultrascreen, not an ultrasound, the difference here being that a guy named Frank did it rather than the lady who did the first one, far as I can tell.  This one did last longer because Frank was trying to measure the folds of the Nuggets neck, or maybe the amount of fluid in the folds, or maybe the thickness of the whole thing.  Sarah remembers better than I do, but the point is, he was trying to get some kind of measurement that will tell us if we are a high or low risk for trisomy chromosome mutations.  This paired with another test, where they take some of Sarah's blood and run it through some future machines and separate Sarah's blood from the Nuggets, and they can tell with a high degree of accuracy about Down's syndrome and some other chromosomal things that are far more serious and "incompatible with life" to use some med-speak.  We also signed up for the thing where they put nanobots into the amniotic fluid and they work on the Nugget's brain so when it's born it'll already be smarter than Ken Jennings.  Technology these days.

We waited awhile to share this post, because we wanted to get to the end results of these tests - and GREAT NEWS! We have no evidence in the Nugget's genes of any of the trisomy mutations! Yay! 

Frank said things looked ok as far as he could tell, though both Sarah and I think that he probably says that for everyone, and then we met with a geneticist, the geneticist of my dreams, a man after my own heart, Dr. Brown.  He was so cool and he said some cusswords and he loved that we had learned some great stuff about about being pregnant that went against the prevailing wisdom (such as, it is ok to have a glass of wine every, it is ok to eat hot dogs and some sushi, but it still isn't ok to do cocaine.  Bummer.)  Which is great for us because now we can continue hosting our Hot Dogs, Wine, and Sushi Cocaine Nights that have become so popular.  We'll just ask folks to omit the cocaine for the time being, I'm sure they'll understand.

In short, Dr. Brown said that he'd bet $100 that I don't have Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which we pretty much thought was the case but was nonetheless nice to hear from my new best friend.  If he is wrong, and the Nugget does have OI, it's also not the end of the world as both my mom and my brother lead pretty normal lives, when we let them out of the attic.

Ok, enough talking, here's some photos and working video of the "big reveal" to my family on Christmas.  We don't yet have video editing software so you'll have to deal with a little chaff, but there's plenty of wheat in there too, though I'd stop watching at the 1:50 mark.  My aunt, Phoebe, essentially guessed what was happening, and my sister was awfully excited about the proximity to Harry Potter's birthday, and I think my brother is bummed that isn't actually a puppy. My mom reacted essentially the same way she reacted when we told her we were engaged - she has a reserve of tears that are just at the ready for any good news that comes her way. I love my family.
(if the video doesn't work, try this link:

Here's the image that was on the ceiling, above the bed thing that Sarah was on during the ultrasound. Thoughtful of them to think of putting a image up there.

Since the photos of the ultrasound are kinda fuzzy, for the sake of clarity, I've recreated them for you too.  Though looking at these, they are also kinda blurry.  We'll take better photos and have shorter posts when the Nugget is born.

This is is the "Life is so hard here, in this womb of mine" pose.

Next up, the Nugget enjoying a short work of fiction.

And finally, the Sunday Special - Broncos football and a brew. GO BRONCOS!

 You'll notice that my thumb in this photo is also how big the Nugget is.  

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!! 

Here's a few highlights from our holidays

Firstly, we are thrilled about 2016, as we hope you are. Last year we moved into our house, we were married with friends and family all around, and we generally had a wonderful 365 days. 

The coming year, we hope to see many of our loved ones, hopefully welcome a new person to our little family and house, and enjoy good health ourselves and for our friends and family. :) 
Oh, and not elect any bigoted morons for President too. 

In the meantime though, here's a fun set of photos/vids from the past week, when we had a real vacation: 

Here are our nephews teaching us the ropes of "Settlers of Catan: Junior"

 Here is our traditional Xmas Eve dinner, with John and Rosemary! Huzzah! 

A favorite present - the stacking cups. 

And a new set of wrenches. 

Here are the sibloids and their kids at Boxing Day. 

Katie reads to Hannah, Maeve, Liam and Reid. 

Chopping wood.


 Xmas Amaryllis from Granny - blooms during the week! 

And finally, a brief video of Paul and me sharing with the Eley family, about the Nugget. We posted our blog post after this adorable moment!!