Monday, December 14, 2015

December Sans Neige

Well, it's been awhile! Current activities include dodgeball (Paul) and a three-month gym membership (Sarah), in addition to Poker Night and Book Club (Paul) and Various Evening Meetings For Work (Sarah). 

But mostly, we're sad about the lack of snow. It's December 14th, for Christmas sake! 
In case you want to see our forecast, it's dismal. Who wants it to be fifty-two degrees on the 25th?

For example, here we are on December 5th, with Todd, Susie, Ben, Angela and the children. Note the color of the grass.
Here are a few of the little ones: 

Now, Sal had heard that we were having a problem with little elves creeping into our house to steal our cheese. So, he designed a plan for an elf-trap, drew it up on paper, and then gathered materials for making this trap. Here's his dad, explaining to Sal, how it'll work, now that its finished. 
Brilliant, right? Well, you may have noticed that the plan relied on Paul staying up all night. And, to be fair, that just didn't happen. The next day, when Sal called to check and see if we had caught any elves, this was the resulting seems the elves got in and out of the trap without being caught! 

Those footprints! And the breadcrumbs! Geez.....

So, last weekend, wandering through the grass, we cut a tree with our friends Jesse, Alyssa, Isabel and Esther, as well as Ted and Ashley. Here's ours, once we brought it in and started setting it up:
As you can see, we have a high-tech tree holder. It takes about seven bricks in our canning pot to keep the tree upright. 
Here we are! Much better. 
And here, the Cat decides he wants to know what we're doing taking so many photos. He's a curious fellow. He misses us when we're away, so when we're home he likes to be nearby our activities.
Here's the tree with lights on, and then what the cat thinks of it. 

Notice how he blends into our couch? 
And now, finally, a few shots of our house from the inside, now that we're living more fully in the downstairs. Not too shabby.

 And just one more, of the Cat!! He's telling you all how excited he is about the holidays. 
Can you tell?


  1. Oh how cozy it has become. Feline Bah Humbugs aside, Merry Holidays to ALL (and, may the Force be with you!)
    Love from Rivendell

  2. That forecast is awful!! 63 on Christmas Eve!? That's insane. I am sorry for you, my friends. Guess I'll send you flip flops and shorts for Christmas....

  3. Our first Christmas tree holder was also talked with a ton of gravel in it… It was in India.

  4. P.S. Sal and Ben are Hilarious!