Saturday, October 31, 2015

Warmth Cometh to Bag End!

So, the past few weekends have seen much activity at our home. But, like always, we had to call in experts to assist us with our projects. This time, we'd like to thank:

  • Reeve Basom, expert pick up driver and stove wrangler
  • Ben Cheney, expert pick up owner
  • Kate Stephenson, expert all-around-assistance and stove wrangler
  • Ben Linder, expert lender-of-tools, and telephone advice giver
  • Topher Waring, expert stove wrangler, trim painter, non expanding foam sealer and all around expert
  • Marie Waring, who stacked all our fire wood while we weren't looking! 
We accomplished two projects in one day with the help of this crew. First, now that the walls are in, we were able to install our 4 by 8 foot windows which arrived last week. And second, we picked up and brought home our new steel and soapstone stove too. It's incredible the difference it all makes downstairs!! 

We tried to unload it as the diagrams suggested.

And had to rethink it!

Inside! Assembly!

It is so exciting!

You can see the old stove in the back, and this new one oriented to the whole room.

Our first fire!!

And then here are a few photos of the windows!!



  1. It's good to know I'm not the only non-expanding foam sealer expert in your life.

  2. Phenomenal progress! And what a lovely home you are creating built by so many friendly hands.