Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter Time photos!

Winter Time Fun! 

Please enjoy these various photos. And apologies for not posting more's a bit of a crazy ride, having an 18 month old. 

Orion is a joyful kid. He giggles and laughs and pushes the limits (he loves to chase the cat with something he can throw at the cat...). He's generally a great eater, and we can credit Paul for helping him to learn to sleep longer in the mornings too...

New words: 
"ICE" - for snow and ice
"Fi-ya" -fire
"PI-see" -spicy
"Tappy" - generally a toy hammer, but usually anything he could use to hit other things. 
"Eee-oooh" - for reading Old MacDonald Had a Farm
"Meow" - this is literally his first word of each day
And some of the old favorites - "Me-noo, Chow-pa, Up, Pees, Wa-wa, Yup, Yesh," and "No".

And then he'll tell us whole sentences like "wash-a-didit. Aaayy. wash-a. Up. Meow. Peeees." Probably this means "what's this? the cat's eye? let's pick up the cat! Please?"

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Year in Review

Here's to 2017:

In just a year, this little guy has learned to crawl, walk and talk. Jes' saying. That's some serious doing. Oh, and a new floor, window, and wonderful visits from our family and friends. Let's make sure 2018 is just as full, just as delightful, and hopefully - overall - has more consecutive hours of sleep time for the adults in the household. :)

The very last photo, if you can stand getting through all the rest, is my favorite of the whole year. None of them are smiling, but they are at least still, for a brief shining moment. The 3 Cousins - reunited! 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

WINTER IS.... arriving? On its way? Drawing near? 

So, as we prepare for winter, there are a few signs you might recognize...

first, there's the white stuff. 

FIRES in the stove. 

There's adventures with outdoor gear...

Which we sometimes hate...

But once we're outside, we're okay.

And with good friends. 

There are crazy new character to talk to at the stores...something about Christmas shopping?

In general, it's been a pretty lovely month. One of the most amazing things that's happened is that Orion's vocabulary is expanding all the time. He has some really recognizable words, and some non-understandable phrases, which he emphasizes quite a bit. A few of these are "ap-pl", "di-no", "boo" for book, and "maaaooo" for the noise a cow makes. A cow often can be "bow" as well. We had a wonderful Halloween, and a terrific Thanksgiving...

More on those soon! But for now, here's a few more photos. 

do you get the theme here? It was all Paul! 

THis adorable youngster lives right up the road! 

who puts their feet on the table at Thanksgiving. Seriously?! He must get that from Grandma Marie...

And just in case you think that life's a dream, here is the child in his literal incarnation of a god of Chaos.